Assistance @ Home


Do you have an issue with technology in your home, you’ve come to the right place. We have experience supporting computer technology both in industry and at home, why not contact us today to get some assistance right away! We’re based in Reading, so Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire are all within our catchment area.

PCs, Laptops and Tablets

If you have a problem with your PC, Laptop or Tablet, we’re sure we can help. We often deal with faulty hardware, upgrades or virus infected machines.


Has your Wireless stopped working, doesn’t reach all around the house, or is just plain slow. We have the latest knowledge to recommend tweaks or upgrades that will transform your Wireless network.


Are you worried about security, is your wireless network secure, is your PC protected against the latest threats, worry no longer, let us check for you.


Is your Internet slower than it used to be, has it stopped working? Contact us to have a look for you.


Would you like to use a new piece of software, would you like to fix problems yourself, let us show you how.

If we can assist you at home, click hereto contact us today.